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Examines the nature of our conscious mind and of our dream state.

6 Heretic’s Way
Deconstructs the set of common social beliefs we’ve been taught from an early age and take for granted. Focuses, on economics, social mechanics, the nature of the mind and the soul.

To Think of Rebuilding
Planning to replace the values that were deconstructed in 6 heretic’s way.

WordPressed Latinum
The original Gluon the Ferengi blog. My first inquiries into social structures.

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My hub that links to all my stuff.

22 responses to “My Other Pages

  1. i’m wondering what the introvert take is on facebook. i have felt the same social awkwardness on facebook that i do in person.

    • I happen to have a Facebook account because I don’t have a cell-phone (I loath them), I despise talking on the phone, and it is easier to follow a thread through private messages on Facebook rather than e-mails on Gmail -the latter is actually annoying if you mean to have a fluent conversation in real time, and I don’t like chattin on Gtalk or MSN at all; priate messages allow me to think and write and properly expose an idea, and equally read the other’s. I have my few selected people there. I find it enormously easier. That way, I can talk to them when I feel like it without having to meet them in person nor talk to them on the phone (which is the worst experience in life), and it avoids the troubles of the phone ringing and interrupting my alone time; when they write a private message to me, I only see it when I deliberately log-in for that purpose.

      I finally ended up leaving a second comment in your page. I’m not proud of myself. Sorry for my smothering virtual presence tonight.

  2. I too felt the unease and that is why I have closed my account. If I want to interact with someone, I will just send them an email or call them. I don’t need the emotional baggage of a Facebook account with 2 friends on it, to remind me how different I am from most people.

  3. Gluon the Ferengi is on facebook, actually.

    I see facebook as an available tool. It can be used to facilitate the sharing of meaningful knowledge between peers or it can be a means of social gossip and the accumulation of ‘friends.’

    I use blogs to communicate with people even though blogs are notorious for being full of irrelevant details from strangers’ daily lives.
    What matters is that blogs can be used in any way one likes no matter how horrible their reputation is.

  4. I’ve just stumbled upon this website today and feel such relief reading every article. These are things I’ve thought all along, and finally I’ve found people who understand!

    As for facebook, I find it’s easier to keep up with my friends online than in real life… probably because I enjoy written communication. Gives me time to think a bit more. Also since it’s not a real-time interchange I can take as long as I want to respond to someone or ignore them completely without it being in ‘real life.’ The internet has both helped and hampered my social life. It helped make certain interactions more comfortable, while making real life socializing more frustrating because I do it even less now than before.

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  18. Why did this shit show up on my Facebook? How very nice for you that you are capable of existential anxiety and super ‘deep thoughts’, so are billions of others. This sounds like the morose naval-gazing of a spoiled high-schooler, or maybe those are the types that you are trying to attract. If you have to label yourself using quotations (The World according to the ‘introvert’ and the ‘nerd’) you are actually a ‘tool’ or a ‘poseur’. Good god, go outside and quit staring in the mirror at your own tragic reflection, it’s not only unhealthy but terribly unattractive.

    • Your views are quite common. Millions would agree with your assessment here.

      And conversely, that is precisely why this site exists: as a reaction to the hostility of the collective that you have amply demonstrated here.

      You happily dismiss my concerns as so much garbage yet you expect to be listened to in turn or expect anyone to care what you think is attractive?

      Actually, you have nothing for us to listen to. Your post consists of nothing but personal attacks and empty shaming language. Shame on you.

      I’ve no problem with people disagreeing with me, but you haven’t really disagreed with anything I’ve said or made any points of your own.
      I require some substance from you if you decide to post here again. You’re going to have to do better than this.

      • Here’s a newsflash: Everyone’s views are common, there isn’t any difference between you, me or a bajillion other people. Sitting inside a candlelit room and crying while listening to sappy music doesn’t make you deep or interesting or individual, it makes you a caricature from a Johnny The Homicidal Maniac cartoon. Enjoy life and take what you can get while you can because when you’re dead it’s over.

    • You clearly do not understand introversion, nor its standing in Western society whatsoever, do you? Actually, the latter, you do; you perpetrate its standing with the abrasive intolerance showcased by this post. It’s unfortunate that so many extroverts—like you—have no interest in anything but yourselves. Every introvert—and I mean every—wishes to repair and further the social standing of introverts and, by proxy, similarly oppressed groups in Western society. You only wish to “go outside” and forget about the world’s problems. Do we need another reminder why most of greatest historical figures were introverts?

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