Collective Checkmate

There is no formal police force of social norms because no such organization is necessary. From mass society arises a self-enforcing slavery.

One might picture a chessboard that sprawls as far as the eye can see with a king on every square. Every king is controlled by a different player.

In a mass society, one must behave a certain way or be punished by one’s neighbors. One’s neighbors must enforce or be punished by their neighbors for not enforcing. Such a system of bondage self-perpetuates:
Each individual king is compelled in turn, everyone coercing everyone else. This is Collective Checkmate.

2 responses to “Collective Checkmate

  1. Interesting, what you describe here is reminiscent of the work of Foucault. It is inadequate to understand the power which promotes conformity as a force which operates from the top down, but is contained within the web of relations between people at all levels. Thus everyone regulates everyone else, and the individual becomes self-regulating.

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